veterans-dayCarter has had a rough past 3 weeks with melt downs.  This can weigh on a family… a mother…  my heart has been really heavy lately.

I had to run to the “glorious” Wal-Mart after picking up the boys from school.  I promised the boys they could get a toy for doing so well on their report cards.  Of course they both picked out one of the latest Skylanders figures… have I mentioned how much I LOVE Skylanders?  Yeah – I don’t think I have and don’t think I ever will.   Anyway, my emotions have been so numb.  I have struggled with the acceptance that Carter has autism.  I mean… I thought I had accepted it… but with the melt downs he has been having – I realize I have not.

On our way home we saw 2 homeless Vets on the side of the road.  Something told me to turn around and get them food.   So – I turned around – explained to the kids what we were doing and I headed to McDonald’s.  I bought meals for the men and headed to their temporary stomping ground.  Will questioned me the whole way there.  I have explained homelessness to him before but he still had questions.  I pulled up, got out of the car and walked over to one of the Vets and gave him a meal.  He thanked me over and over again.  Then I walked over to the dirty looking/ one legged Vet in a wheel chair.  His eyes lit up… he smiled and said these words that I needed to hear….

“Oh my… what am I going to do with you?  Young lady kindness makes the world go round.  May God bless your heart and may He bless your troubles.  I’m in trouble and He blessed me with you for one minute.  May He bless your troubles with someone like you.  Thank you!”

I didn’t know what to say… could he tell I had worries? troubles?

He sat the food by his wheelchair and reached for my hand.  I gave my hand to him and with a happy gleam in his eyes he said “Thank You” again…  I patted him on the shoulder and replied with “God Bless You”…

I walked back to the car completely in tears.  It was almost like this man… this man that had nothing… was trying to give me something… reassurance… kindness… hope…  WOW!

I got back in the car and explained to Will what happened.  He was so into the story and with the Vets kindness that when we pulled up to the house… he wanted to run in and get his money so we could go back and give to the kind Vet.

I am blessed…

Vets hold a special place in my heart – from my grandfather’s to Pulaski’s Eugene to all that have served… The Vet I encountered today – well, I don’t know how much I blessed him but he blessed me.

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