Something Right

The innocence of a child makes my heart smile.  I often wonder why adults do not see the world and people as children do.  We once were children – we once had that innocence… so what happened?

acceptanceCarter had an appointment with his ENT  doctor on Tuesday.  We had to reschedule his Leg-Up Therapeutic Riding to Wednesday due to the appointment.   When we arrived at Leg-Up – Carter went straight for the puzzles that Mrs. Becki has waiting on the kids.  Next thing we knew the door swung open and the sweetest little soul comes walking through the door – I will call him Kyle in this post.  We had never met him before… he was/is the cutest!  He is short, well upholstered and has a smile that can light up a dark room.  He simply gleamed of “happy”.

When he swung the door open he proclaimed –  “Kyle is here!” and then he said “Oohhh BOYS like me!” Carter and Will were both in the building.

Kyle went up to Carter and asked “What is your name?”…  Carter did not respond – so,  I told Kyle Carter’s name.  Kyle  replied with “Nice to meet you Carter.”….  he then continued to talk to Carter.  Carter focused on Kyle and was listening to him but he would not say anything.  Finally…  Carter just grabbed Kyle and hugged him tightly and smiled the whole time… the same smile he has when he is so excited.  Kyle gave Carter a monster hug  back.  It was the sweetest moment for me.

Once the two were through hugging… Kyle turned to Will and asked him what his name was.  Will was playing his iPad and put it down for a moment and said “Oh, I am Will.  Nice to meet you Kyle.”

Mrs. Becki took Kyle and Carter out of the building for their lesson.  The whole time they were riding the horses – I laughed so much watching them.  Kyle was having the best time… he is a little teaser and jokester.  My heart was so happy watching the both of them enjoying their lesson.

When the lesson was over we met back in the building.  Carter came out first – then Kyle.   Kyle and his guardian began to walk out the door and Kyle grabbed a hold of the door frame and would not leave until Carter told him bye.  Carter did not say a word – instead, he ran up to Kyle and hugged him tight.  Again, my heart smiled watching those two embrace.

Carter made me proud  – I knew by the way he was looking at Kyle he knew that Kyle was different from him… but that did not matter to him… he replied to Kyle with the only way he truly knew how – with his mushy, lovable hugs.

A few days later Will and I were in the car and we were talking about Leg-Up.  I asked him how he liked Kyle.  He said – “I thought he was a nice kid.”   I found it very curious that Will never asked what made Kyle a little different.  So I asked Will if he had any questions about Kyle.  His reply made me step back and say “WOW”!!!

“Mom, I know that Kyle is different from us.  But, that does not mean I should see him any different from me.  We are all God’s children.  That is what you tell me all the time.  I like Kyle.  Carter is different and I love him.  It is okay to be different.”

I literally teared up…  1) the innocence and the honesty   2) Todd and I have done something right

jesus3-300x248I told Will he was exactly right. I also told  him how much I love his heart and soul and how proud I was of him at that very moment.  I said to him… “You are wiser than most men and women 3x your age.  Please don’t ever stop treating kids and adults the way you do.  You are one special kid.”

I am proud of both of my boys – they do not see disabilities as a “negative”, they do not see color as a “negative”, they do not see rich nor poor as a “negative” or a “positive”…. through their eyes – they see everyone as God’s children.

Oh and if you are wondering – Kyle has Down Syndrome.  You know… that  may be what Kyle has but that does not define him… he has the sweetest soul, the loveliest personality, the greatest smile and laugh –  and he completely stole my heart from the moment he burst through the doors at Leg-Up.

I so wish that everyone  – YOUNG and OLD…  could see each individual person the way my sons do.  My prayer is that my boys will always see people the way they do now as they grow older and do not become blind sided with the stigma that society has tried to nail into our heads that you are not perfect unless you look and act a certain way.

“And that’s what innocence is. It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view. If you are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, your creativity gets blocked. You miss the freshness and magic of the moment. Learn to be innocent again, and that freshness never fades.”  ― Michael Jackson


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