A New Year – Hope, Faith, Love and More…


Christmas 2013

2013 is GONE…  It was an up and down year. Carter was diagnosed in Feb. 2013 with autism… our world changed forever.  I lost friends who now have their wings.  I blew out my knee and had weeks of therapy.  Will was diagnosed with ADHD and Language Processing Issues.  That was the downs.  The ups… Carter was diagnosed in Feb. 2013 with autism and our world changed forever… we finally had answers after years of trying to figure out what was going on with our little man.  I gained friends through Carter’s diagnosis – autism mother’s and father’s who have a strong bond like no other.   The friends I have lost I would much rather have them here with me on earth – but it was not to be – I am thankful for my memories and am blessed to have them watching over me.  I blew out my knee – and through therapy realized I do like to exercise.   I quit my job and am now a full time mom.  My husband got a promotion at work.  Will was diagnosed with ADHD and Language Processing Issues – we finally got answers after years of trying to figure out what was going on with our young man.  The love I hold for my boys has grown stronger… the love I hold for my husband – I have no words.

Yes, 2013 was not the greatest – but it was a year of answers and I appreciate that.  Through everything – I feel like a stronger person inside.  You better believe I have my down days but I pull up my boot straps and tread on.  I am not a hero, I am not a “woo hoo” look at me person, I am not a “poor pitiful me” person – I am a mother… just like a majority of my readers… a mother who loves her kids and would do anything for them… ANYTHING!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Day fun!  We sure did!  The kids were ex-tactic with Santa’s gifts and gifts from their family and friends.  Carter got tons of Skylanders and Will got tons of Transformers… they have kept themselves entertained with all their new magical toys.  Todd and I got everything we wanted – a new ROOF! We needed one really bad.  My favorite gifts I received were from the boys – a necklace of child-like elegance from Will and from Carter – a night light to keep me safe at night.  Todd spoiled me with – a HOME DEPOT card so I can buy a new chandelier for my dining room.  Like I said – we had a wonderful Christmas.


A friend of ours  over at Great Day Photography  (go like her page and take the time to get a session with her – you will be glad you did) took pictures of our family this past fall.  I sat down tonight and looked through the pictures she took.  I will share a few with you and my thoughts of the story I think her pics tell…


This picture is one of my favorites.  Look at the little brown head boy on the right… the one looking at his brother… the one who idolizes his big brother and tries so hard to be like him.  Do you see autism here?  No?  Me either.  I see a child who loves his brother and wants nothing more than to be like him… strong… lover of all… brave….


Another favorite… I love their faces.  Their happy faces.  A big brother cracking up and a little brother following suit.  Do you see autism here?  No?  Me either.  I see two happy children with not a care in the world.


I crack up every time I look at this picture.  Carter was trying so hard to make his brother laugh.  He was making funny faces, talking in funny voices and singing silly songs.  Will finally broke down and lost it with laughter.  Do you see autism here?  No?  Me either.  I see a little brother trying to make his big brother smile and happy.


These are my boys – my typical boys.  Silly, care free and always up for a good laugh.  You know my question by now…
I see lovely, crazy, care-free little boys.


Well do you – do you see autism here?  No?  Well – neither do I.  I see two gorgeous young boys who are so good looking that I know that one day – I will have to beat the girls off of them.  Todd and I made some handsome boys – we did good…

and Finally…


Our Family – our beautiful family.  When I look at this picture – I am proud.  I don’t see autism or ADHD – I see a family.  A family that through it all has hope, has faith, loves unconditionally and so much more.  Autism and ADHD does not and will not EVER define us.  We are THE HIBDON’S…

Here’s to continuing our Hope, Faith and Love in 2014!

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”
(Little Gidding)”
― T.S. Eliot


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