Run With Scissors

P1070981Carter drew a picture at school of what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He had told me he had done so but wouldn’t tell me what he wanted to be.  He said that he wanted it to be a surprise for me.  When I went to parent teachers conference at the school last week – his teacher told me that Carter was very artistic and GREAT with colors.  She told me when I left to look outside her classroom to see his latest masterpiece.  Looking at all the students drawings – I knew which one was Carter’s without having to look at the name.  His drawing was – I am not saying better than all the other kids – all of theirs were good – but his was the most detailed and used the most colors.   Majority of the other students were stick figures, there is nothing wrong with that at all…  I am intrigued that Carter gives his “people” drawings necks, bodies, etc…   I love his rocket ship, the planets, the shooting star, the cratters in the moon, and the little white light reflection he has in the helmet… little details – always in his drawings.

To my surprise – I never knew he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up… LOL! 🙂

Click on his drawing to the right to enlarge his masterpiece –  and yes, he has a mustache in the picture.  He says when he grows up he will have a mustache.


At the end of the school year last year Carter had an occupational therapy evaluation.  After his evaluation we had an IEP meeting and the occupational therapist  was concerned with his fine motor skills.  One being he couldn’t use scissors very well.  So – over the summer I gave him a pair of scissors and I let him have his way with every piece of paper he wanted to cut.

Present Day – In a matter of 4 months – Carter is a pro at cutting.  He now is into drawing his own characters and cutting them out.  He cuts out things better than my 9 year old son does – Carter is 6 years old.  I made the mistake of calling his cut outs his “paper dolls”.  He quickly corrected me and told me he did not play with dolls because he was a boy.  They are not “paper dolls” they are his “characters”.  I love how he draws.  He will pull a character up on the computer – look at it – then he will draw it – then color it – then cut it out.

P1070984In the picture to the left you will see piles of all his “paper dolls” – I mean “characters”.  All of these are what he has done in the past 2 weeks.  There are 73 of them.  We have piles of “characters” all over the kids play room.  I have to figure out how I am going to save and store these.  Carter knows if any go missing.  If we don’t start storing or throwing a way – there is going to be one room in our home that is going to be ceiling to floor of “characters” and drawings.  The picture to the right is one of my favorites of his “characters”.

All I can say is that I am so glad I let him “Run With Scissors”…

‘What is art but a way of seeing?’ ~ Thomas Berger

Below is a gallery of some of his “characters that he drew the past 2 weeks.  I think they are terrific for his age.  I am just tickled he has this ability and he loves doing it.

Click on the images in the gallery to show entire photo and to enlarge…



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