A New Chapter and a Party

ts1First – I have been about to burst with news that I haven’t been able to share until now. My hubby got a promotion at work.  I am very proud of him.  I know he is going to do GREAT on this new journey in his work career.  He is well liked and respected where he works.  YES – that makes me feel good that the man I call my husband and love so very much –  is well liked and respected at work and within the community!  This promotion will be a life change for us all – MEANING –  He will have to be at work at 6 am.  He had to be at work at 8 am for the past 13 years – so, he will be getting up now at the crack of dawn – which means he will be waking me up at the crack of dawn  too – the joys of sleeping in till 6:30 am are gone – hello 5 am.  He will have a lot more responsibilities with this position.  My job is to make sure he does not have to worry about any of the little things at home.  I think I can do that… seems simple enough.   I depend on him a lot to help with the kids.  Not saying that he will not be able to help me with the kids – but I know that I will have to do a lot more.   I am thankful that he has this wonderful opportunity. He is also continuing his college career – so he has a lot on his plate.  Again, I couldn’t be prouder of him – he is the “rock star” in this family!




nc3My Will will be turning 9 this week.  We had his birthday party Saturday with his best friend, Brennan.  Their birthday’s are 4 days a part.  His mother and I threw a swimming party for them.  We had 20 kids show up.  Thank goodness it was not at my house – we rented our local Christian Life Center.  The kids had a BLAST!  That was our goal – to make sure each kid had a great time.  I truly think each of them did.

Sweet Will spent the night with his grandmother the night before his party.  He woke up at 2:30 a.m. because he was so excited and could not go back to sleep.  He has talked about his party for weeks – I mean WEEKS!  We did not have a party for him last year – we took him to the Space and Rocket Center instead… I think he had more fun this birthday.

nc4He has such sweet friends with GREAT parents – these parents pitched in to help us setup, pass out food, clean-up, etc… AND they did this in the torturing heat.

I have never seen so many smiles on so many children at one time… The adults were exhausted from the heat – have I mentioned that building is hot!!!  I was sweating in places I never thought I could sweat!   Regardless of the sweat and running our bottoms off trying to get the decorations, food and presents all together – the looks on the kids faces of pure excitement and joy – made my heart melt.  It was ALL worth it!



nc5Carter had a blast – he was just as excited if not more than Will (okay, maybe not).  He couldn’t wait to go swimming.  He was also very sweet prior to the party.  He could not wait to go to the store and pick out Will’s birthday.  For a week he has asked me every day what day are we going to go and buy Will’s birthday gift.  He knew exactly what he wanted to get Will – of course, I think Will told him over and over again what to get him.  We went to the store – Carter went to the toy section – went right up to the “Transformer” toys… picked up two “Transformers” – put them in the buggy and he was ready to go.   Wish I could shop that quickly.

This will be the last time Carter gets to swim for a while.  After his ear surgery he will not be able to swim for 3 months.  Bless him – he sure does love the water… and I sure do love this picture his daddy snapped of him.  Isn’t it awesome? (click on the picture and it should enlarge – all pics on this page will enlarge if you click on them)

Will was one happy little boy.  He got lots of great things…


As for me – I have been having pitty parties for myself lately – which is not like me.  I usually let it roll off my shoulders – but things are simply getting to me that usually do not.   I am simply spent.  So much going on in my life that I don’t know if I am coming or going.  I have over exerted myself.  To give you a list of everything I am doing – doctor appointments, school meetings, other meetings, after school kid activities/therapies, final days of working, birthday parties and the list goes on – my entire list would make your head spin… well, at least it is making my head spin.  I feel like Linda Blair in the “Exorcist” – except I don’t think I look that creepy and I am not spewing pea soup… at least – not right now.   I keep telling myself  “In the long run – it is all worth it”…  sometimes I wish that this long run was just a very very short sprint.  HOWEVER I know – This to shall pass….

A woman under stress is not immediately concerned with finding solutions to her problems but rather seeks relief by expressing herself and being understood. ~ John Gray





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