Long Black Train


lbt1Last Tuesday night, my family and I received a special treat of music through the voice of Logan Blade and Friends.  We were fortunate enough to be able to attend an Autism Awareness Benefit at Puckett’s in Columbia, TN.  I finally got to meet (briefly) Logan’s mother, Darlene and – YES – I got to meet the handsome and talented Logan – he even said “Hello, Shana” three times to me.  Puckett’s was packed with Logan fans… it was truly an awesome site.

When Logan made it on to stage – emotions came over me.  He began to sing “Long Black Train” by Josh Turner and I began to tear up.  I have watched videos and listened to Logan’s CD over and over but to finally hear and watch this young man in person – well – it was a moment I will never forget – it really got to me… in a good way.  Knowing Logan’s story and to be able to witness his blessings – was a very touching moment.

Backing Logan up were three very talented song writer/musicians… Tony Ray Jones, Tammy Vice and John Swaim.  When Logan wasn’t singing one of the three were.  All three of them were tremendous – simply tremendous.

lbt2We brought Will’s best friend, Brennan, with us.   I had told Logan’s story to all of the boys on our way to Puckett’s.  Brennan was very interested in his story – so I let him listen to Logan’s CD – which he enjoyed.  I have played Logan’s CD a lot for my boys – to the point that Will is beginning to learn all the words to the 4 songs on the CD and Carter will shout out “Long Black Train” and “Me and God”.  When seated at Puckett’s, Brennan kept asking me when Logan was going to perform… Finally, when Logan made it on to the stage – Brennan was enthralled in Logan’s music.  Brennan loved every moment…  (he is only 8 years old).   His mother told me the next day how much Brennan was in awe of Logan.  She said that he couldn’t wait to tell her Logan’s story and he said “He really can sing, mom. He can’t hardly talk… but he can sing really good. Isn’t that amazing?”

lbt3We had to leave early due to Carter becoming restless.  He did okay while we were there.  While the band was warming up – Carter made up songs about “Skylanders” and was singing to the warm-up music.  He then proceeded to pick a part every piece of paper on the table.  We ate our food as Logan and Friends were singing – Carter finished before any of us.  So – since Carter was finished eating he just had to sit in my lap… I hadn’t even really started eating yet.   I held him for a while… every time the audience would start clapping for Logan and Friends – Carter would cover his ears because he said the noise hurt.  He got a way from me at one point and started dancing to the music and was going from table to table before I got a hold of him.  I hated to leave early but I knew if we did not that Carter would possibly have a melt down.

Darlene, Logan’s mother, and I have Facebooked back and forth since the night at Puckett’s – I had told her that I hated that we had to leave early…  She was kind enough to post the following video on my page showing me what we missed.   WE MISSED WILLIE NELSON – Well – Logan as Willie Nelson!!!!   She said, “Never has he ever showed this much emotion before. We were floored but thrilled…”  How awesome is this????  Makes me tear up (happy tears) just watching…. 🙂

https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=580173325360112All in all, our family and Brennan had a fabulous night and truly blessed to see Logan’s story unfold in-front of us through his gift of music.





lbt4We went to Vanderbilt for Carter’s ENT appointment last Wednesday. He has a hole in his right eardrum for 5 years now (caused by the 1st set of ear tubes he had when he was 1 year old). We were hoping it would close up – but it has not. The doctor said he wanted us to have the surgery within the next 6 months. So we decided to wait until November because Carter will not be able to swim for 3 months after the surgery and he is all about swimming up until the end of September. His surgery is scheduled for November 7th – it is called a Postauricular Ear Surgery… it will take 2 1/2 to 3 hours. From what I understand they will make an incision in the back of his ear and go in that way – take skin from the back of his ear to patch the hole and then he said something about taking cartilage from part of his ear and build up the canal. I knew he was going to have to have it done – but I didn’t realize how extensive the surgery is going to be. The doc kinda freaked me out describing the surgery. I am worried about the after care the most. Carter will have to have a gauze wrapped around his head… can’t get it wet for 10 days and I have no clue how he is going to sleep. He always sleeps on that side. They will shave his the hair on his head that is around the ear.  He can’t blow his nose for 2 weeks after surgery and when he sneezes he has to sneeze with his mouth open. How am I going to explain all this to a 6 year old? A 6 year old with autism? Oh me – I have plenty of time to worry – ya know I am a worry wart!




lbt5Both boys are at Martin Methodist College Summer Camp this week.  All I have heard is – “How many more days till camp?  Can’t wait to swim!  Can’t wait for science class!  Can’t wait until computer class!  Can’t Wait… Can’t Wait… Can’t Wait!”  This morning they were so excited and could not wait to get in the car to leave and go!  We couldn’t get to the camp fast enough!   When I picked up the kids – they were on cloud 9 – Will said it was the “best time of my life.”  Last year, before Carter was diagnosed, the camp gave out awards the last day of camp.  Carter snatched the microphone out of the counselor’s hand and proceeded to sing “Twinkle Twinkle” and his “ABC’s” to the audience.  They finally had to turn the mic off because he was going to continue to entertain.  I am just curious to see what he does this year.


I will leave you with Logan’s favorite song – and has now quickly become mine…

Logan singing with Josh Turner at the Grand Ole Opry “Long Black Train”

Long Black Train
~ Josh Turner

There’s a long black train coming down the line
Feeding off the souls that are lost and cryin’
Rails of sin only evil remains
Watch out brother for that long black train

Look to the heavens you can look to the sky
You can find redemption staring back into your eyes
There is protection and there’s peace the same
Burning your ticket for that long black train

Cause there’s vict’ry in the Lord I say
Vict’ry in the Lord
Cling to the Father and his holy name
And don’t go riding on that long black train

There’s an engineer on that long black train
Making you wonder if the ride is worth the pain
He’s just a waiting on your heart to say
Let me ride on that long black train

But you know there’s vict’ry in the Lord I say
Vict’ry in the Lord
Cling to the Father and his holy name
And don’t go riding on that long black train

Well I can hear the whistle from a mile away
It sounds so good but I must stay away
That train is a beauty making everybody stare
But its only destination is the middle of nowhere

But you know there’s vict’ry in the Lord I say
Vict’ry in the Lord
Cling to the Father and his holy name
And don’t go riding on that long black train

I said cling to the Father and his holy name
And don’t go riding on that long black train
Yeah watch out brother for that long black train
That devil’s a driving that long black train


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