For a Moment…

fm1Last Saturday morning we left our Tennessee home for a “trip of a lifetime” (according to our oldest).  We headed to Orlando, Florida to the Nickelodeon Suites Resort.  The kids were super excited.   I was kinda worried about how they would do on the ride but I was very surprised how well they did on the 10 hour drive.  Once we arrived the kids could not wait to see their SpongeBob room.  Will said that it was the “coolest room in the whole world”.  It was a small room with 2 double beds, a tv, small closet and a large SpongeBob mural on the wall.   Carter loved their room but he just wanted to go swimming.  We did not want to go swimming at the time because honestly Todd and I were exhausted from the drive.  Instead of swimming we headed to what the resort referred to as the “Mall”.  So, much to do in the “Mall”.  We ate Ninja Turtle pizza, watched 4d movies and played arcade games.  The rest of our stay we got to eat with SpongeBob and friends, meet several Nickelodeon characters, watched “Double Dare Live”, the kids got to throw pies in Todd’s face and we spent hours upon hours at the pool and water slides.  Todd and I had a great time watching the kids have so much fun.

fm2While we were on vacation – I was worried about how Carter would do.  When would his “autism” come in to play?  Fortunately, “autism” wasn’t a big factor at all.  Carter did so well.  “Skylanders” (which is usually all he talks about 24/7) were mentioned briefly each day but he focused more on the water slides and the characters.  The only time that we noticed “signs” of autism was when we were at the “Double Dare Live” show and the “Pie in the Face” show.  At “Double Dare Live” Carter would get upset and cover his ears when people started clapping and cheering.  He was sitting in my lap and while covering his ears he would turn and look at me and scream “It’s too loud mommy, it’s too loud!”  We have been noticing lately that he is having some noise sensory issues.  This has just started.  When we were at the “Pie In The Face”… the kids each had a pie (which was only whip-cream on a plastic plate) and got to throw/smear in Todd’s face.  Little did any of us know that the host would take the remainder of what was on the pie plates and smear it all over the kids face and hair.  Will loved it and thought it was hilarious – Carter on the other hand had a complete melt down.  He was screaming – “He wasn’t suppose to do that, mommy!  Get it off!  Get it off!”

fm3So – just for the 2 minor “come-a-parts”  – we had a FANTASTIC time.  

When we arrived back home – Carter instantly went back into “Skylander” mode.  He was with Todd yesterday in Todd’s office and started talking “Skylanders”.  Todd stopped him and told him – “Carter, I do not want to hear about “Skylanders” right now. If you want to talk to me about something else you can.”  Carter responded with “Okay, then we will talk about them later.” and left the room.  Will has slammed the door in his face several times and screams from behind the door “CARTER!!!  STOP TALKING ABOUT SKYLANDERS!!!”   At this very moment he is crying because he can’t find one of his “Skylander” notebooks that he has been drawing in and if we don’t find it – it will be “The end of the world.”  He has had several melt-downs in the last 2 days.  He has also been stuck to me like glue.

During our stay at Nickelodeon I had time to reflect on everything in my life – some things are going to have to change about me.  How I juggle my life – my job, my kids, my everything….  I see big changes in my future.

This past week we had several days of not thinking about “autism” – we were “normal” – we had no cares… we had fun… we laughed… we giggled… we had no worries.  For a moment…








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