wpv1Last weekend Carter was a part of the coolest event in our town.  Carter is a student at the Leg Up Therapeutic Riding Center (The Leg Up Therapeutic Riding Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that strives to inspire the lives of those with life challenges through the benefits of equine assisted activities).   He and so many other students competed in 3 different horse shows in different levels.

wpv2 Long story short, Carter won first place in the obstacle course, 2nd place in 2 point and I believe the 3rd was in dressage (I could be totally wrong).

wpv3 It was a very nice day outside and the atmosphere was fabulous.  Everyone that came to the event had a tremendous time.


I have “talked” before about Logan Blade.  A young adult with autism who can barely speak 3 words at a time but when you put a microphone in his hand… well, let’s just say he is an amazing artist.  Fox News Nashville did a piece on Logan Blade – regarding his amazing talent.  In the piece the reporter learned that Logan’s “idol” is country music super star Josh Turner.  At the end of the piece she stated that she had reached out to Josh Turner’s management team and told them about Logan.  They invited Logan to come to the Grand Ole’ Opry to see Josh Turner.  Well, Logan got to meet his idol 2 wks ago at the Grand Ole’ Opry and the most amazing thing happened for Logan… he got to sing on the Grand Ole’ Opry stage with his idol.  (Watch the Video Below) .

Darlene, Logan’s mother, reported this week that Josh Turner’s Management team reached out to Logan and has invited him to Josh Turner’s Fan Club Party.  I absolutely LOVE this story!!!


wpv4Carter continues to have SKYLANDERS on the brain.  Bless His Sweet Heart!  I hope that while we are on vacation that SKYLANDERS will be the last thing on his mind – if not, it will be a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG vacation for Todd and I.


Okay – so I have a “chasing” story. If you gag easily – you may not want to read this. As I have mentioned before… Carter has tummy issues and we had to take him to Vandy last week. This afternoon I had to collect a specimen… yeah it was so much fun. Anyway, long story short – Carter had to do #2 in a bowl looking thing. Once he was through I had to run to the other room to get the brown bag that had the stuff that helps collect the specimen. Well, next thing I know I hear Will screaming and Carter laughing. Carter was chasing Will around the house with the bowl of #2. I was stunned. I then had to chase Carter down to get the bowl out of his hands. He exclaimed “I just want to show Will my poop!!!!”

wpv5Please dear Lord help me… I am trying so hard to raise these boys right!!!


Got a call late Wednesday afternoon from Vanderbilt regarding Carter’s blood work from last week… (they were testing him for celiac disease, parasites and some other things that went over my head). His blood test did not come back good – his white blood cell count is high, his potassium was extremely high (they seemed really concerned with his potassium) and there was about 4 or 5 other abnormal tests. So, I had to take him to get his blood drawn again yesterday – which was a total nightmare… having to hold him down – he is so freaking strong.  I received a call this morning saying his blood work looked better and he will continued to be monitored.  Anyway – please keep Carter in your prayers that everything will continue to improve with his tummy… Thank you so much!



We are counting down to VACATION!!!  As I mentioned in previous posts Will, our oldest, has been counting down the days.  He is so excited that he just can’t contain himself.  We are taking the kids to Orlando, Florida to the Nickelodeon Suites Resort.  I think we are also going to take them to Downtown Disney and if we can get cheap tickets to Sea World we will go there as well.

Vacation 2012 - The boys with Braden

Vacation 2012 – The boys with Braden

Yesterday, I thought back to our vacation last year.  We went with my best friend, Renee, and her husband, Ken, and their son Braden.  It was one of the best vacations we have ever had.  We were in Orange Beach – we relaxed – had girls night – the guys golfed – beach time – etc…  The whole trip was a blast!!  

wpv7I know that this vacation is not going to be as relaxing (really not relaxing at all) for Todd and I  – but the main thing is to make sure our kids have a BLAST!  

wpv8Mom – our vacation is going to be the best week of our lives. Carter and I get to slime you and daddy and we can get a way with throwing pies in your face. It is going to be soooo awesome!  ~ Will Hibdon, anticipating the family vacation to Nickelodeon Suites Resort.


Mommy – I am so besided (excited) to get to eat with SpongeBob, Patrick, Dora and Boots.  It will be the BEST DAY EBER (ever)! ~ Carter Hibdon, anticipating the family vacation to Nickelodeon Suites Resort breakfast with characters.


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