Skylanders – “Lobe” – Vacation

slv1Carter is on the Skylander Kick AGAIN!!!  Every word that comes out of his mouth is about Skylanders.  If you do not know what Skylanders are – CLICK HERE!  He knows everything about each character – I mean EVERYTHING!!!  He is our little Skylander “Rain Man”.  When we tell him to stop talking about them – he stops talking about them out loud and then proceeds to walk around in a circle and “talks” inside his head about them… he will blurt out a Skylander name sometimes while walking in a circle.  He struggles to not think about them.  It kills me.  We can be doing something fun and he will be having a great time and then all of a sudden – he resorts back to talking about SKYLANDERS!!!  Today, I told him to stop talking about them… he looked at me with this heart-broken look… It looked as though he was trying to tell me “I AM TRYING BUT I CAN’T.” When he is not talking about them – he is drawing them.

So, I have decided that I am going to give him 5 coupons a day.  When he wants to talk about Skylanders – he has to hand me a coupon and he can talk 10 minutes about them. After he uses all 5 coupons then he will have to wait till the next day to get more coupons.  Coupons have worked with other things – maybe it will work with this.  (This was not all my idea – my best friend, since high school, suggested this – thank you Renee)…

Here are just a “FEW” examples of what goes on in Carter’s Skylander mind…

P1070154 P1070153


On To Another ———————————————–

I was able to get Carter sidetracked and have a cute conversation about love – or as Carter says “lobe”.  I tell my kids 50 times a day I love them…  Usually I say – “I love you bigger than the moon.”  Sometimes I get responses back – sometimes I don’t.  That’s okay.

Our conversation while on the couch went like this –

Carter –  “I am going to lobe you foreber (forever).”
Me – “You are going to love me forever?  Oh, I am going to love you forever.”
Carter – “You doe (know) foreber means always.”
Me – “Yes, I do know that.  I am going to love you always.”
Carter – “You doe always means foreber.”
Me – “Yes, Carter… I know. I am going to love you forever.”
Carter – “You doe dat (that) lobe is a heart.”
Me – “Well, when you see a heart you think of love.”
Carter – “Do I habe (have) a heart?”
Me – “Yes, Carter… you have a big heart.”
Carter – “Do big hearts have more lobe?”
Me – “Yes, big hearts have more love to give.”
Carter – “Oh, I habe a big heart. Big hearts lobe more. YAY!  Hey Will… I got a BIG heart.”
Will – just silence – ignoring Carter.
Carter – “Is a moon lobe?”
Me – “Huh?  No.  Love is not a moon.”
Carter – “You say you lobe me bigger than the moon.  Do you not lobe me big?”
Me – “Carter, I love you bigger than the moon.  The moon is very big – I love you bigger!”
Carter smiles and cuddles up so close to me.

These little moments I treasure.

On To Another ———————————————–

slv2I can’t forget about my precious oldest son, Will.  Since school has been out he has been counting down to vacation (we are taking the kids to Nickelodeon Suites/Resort in Orlando, Florida).  Every day he ask me if I know how many more days till we leave – I always tell him “no” – so he can tell me.  He has a calendar in his room that his sweet teacher gave him to help him count down to vacation.  He marks off every day.  This child is soooo excited.  I truly hope he has a blast.  He has worked himself up to having the “BEST TIME EVER” – I truly hope he does.  Oh, to be young again and have that much excitement….  PRICELESS!

Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see. ~ DOUGLAS ADAMS



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