Children Like Ours

clo1Todd and I are very fortunate to have the close friends and family we have.  Not one of our close friends or family have said one negative comment regarding Carter and autism.  Everything I have heard from our close friends and family have been positive.  They tell me all the time how proud they are of Todd and I for doing the things we are doing to help Carter.  We are lucky… We are blessed… We are thankful… for all the support we have received and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

I think of the wonderful families that do not have the support we have….  I have shared this in a previous post but I want to share again…   A  parent of a child with autism had sent this to me after I had asked this parent for advice….

Read The Book of John Chapter 9 verses 1-3. In old testament times and even today people think children like ours are the way they are because we sinned earlier in our lives and this is God’s way of punishing us. The disciples asked Jesus about this when they came upon a blind man. Jesus simply said “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, This came about so that God’s works might be displayed in him” The man nor his parents were paying for sin through physical disability. I claim this passage as a life verse for our family. God has used our child to teach us about true Agape love, patience, kindness and so much more…..  Remember to be thankful for little things and don’t worry if Carter doesn’t act or progress “normal”.  I have come to think that “normal” is kind of bland and un-exciting.

This was sent to me during a time I needed to “hear” it.  I hope that by sharing this with you – that you may need to “hear” it and know that our children are God’s children and He makes NO mistakes.  Those that think otherwise… well… they need to come to terms with their own disability of non-acceptance.

As my mother says:

We all have disabilities in one way or another. Some are easier to live with than others.

clo2What is your disability?   Is it non-acceptance?   If so – you can change.  I offer you a chance to look inside yourself and ask “Am I perfect?” or “Am I Normal?”…  I think you will find that NOT ONE of us are perfect or normal.  Open your heart and open your mind – you will find a whole world of beautiful in children/adults with autism and special needs… and you will be so glad that you opened your heart and mind… and you will thank yourself for making that change because you would have missed out on the beauty within… you WILL become a better person…

Carter makes me a better person every day. I notice the little things more… because the little things are BIG things…  I wished I had noticed this before his diagnosis.   My little world was just that – a little world… since autism has come into the picture… my world has become BIGGER…

clo3My oldest son, Will, reminds me how to love with all my heart and that it is okay to do so.  He treats Carter no different than any other child… although, he is a little bit more protective.  His love for his brother makes me proud and makes me realize that I have done something right raising these 2 wonderful kids.

What is my disability?  I believe I have always had some form of ADD.  I always had a hard time focusing in school and still have issues to this day.  I was always afraid of being “labeled”… now I wish I had been “labeled”… because I think I could have done so much better in school and could have achieved so much more.  HOWEVER, I don’t like the word LABEL –  I think  LABELS are for soup cans… LABELS are not for people… specially children…  I am not a LABEL… Carter is not a LABEL…. You are not a LABEL..

“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.” ― W.C. Fields

Below is an awesome video… I cried the entire way through.  It is about 6 minutes long – but well worth it.  I hope and pray that my Will will grow up thinking the same as this brother – having a brother with autism can be incredible….   INSPIRE!!!!!!


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