6 Years & The Blessed Journey

bj1Carter turned 6 years old yesterday.  YES!! SIX!!!  It is hard for me to believe.  I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with him.  My heart was so full.  The day he was born – my heart grew 3 times as big.  My family was complete as soon as I heard his little cry.

In this blog I talk a lot about the rough times we have had with his illnesses and disabilities…  Let me share some of the best with you….

His first word was “Ma-Ma”… YES, it was!  Will’s first word was “Dada”… so when Carter said “Ma-Ma” first – yeah, I rubbed it in Todd’s face.  LOL! 🙂

He loves to snuggle.  He is my snuggle bug.  He loves to be rocked to sleep.  I know that I will not be able to cradle him in my arms much longer -I treasure every moment.

He is a lover of music and musical instruments.  He has all kinds of musical instruments that he likes to play – sometimes you can find him in the nude playing the bongo’s.  He loves for me to sing to him – not just “Twinkle, Twinkle”, “Old McDonald”, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” etc…, but he loves for me to sing “Wock and Woll” songs (aka “Rock and Roll”) – he loves “I Love Rock and Roll”… he also loves a little bit of Country – specially “Wrong Side of Memphis”.  He is my biggest fan and always request certain songs for me to sing to him.

bj2He loves to dance.  He will dance to any beat.  He gets his moves from his daddy – I take no credit and rightly so. 🙂

He is a little artist.  He can draw and color like no other.  Our house is filled with drawings and coloring pages that he has done.  The last count on the coloring pages is 433… that is just in a month.  I believe he dreams of colors.

He loves to sleep with stuffed animals.  There is not one particular – he does change up each night what stuffed animal has the privilege of snuggling up to him.

He is very smart.  He can tell you facts on just about anything.  He blows my mind with all the knowledge he has packed into his little brain.  When he is older – I can’t imagine what glorious ability, accomplishments, acquaintance, apprehension, attainments, awareness, cognition, comprehension, consciousness,  discernment, doctrine, dogma, education, enlightenment, erudition, expertise, facts, familiarity, grasp, inside story, insight, instruction, intelligence, judgment, know-how, learning,  lore, observation, philosophy, picture, power, principles, proficiency, recognition, scholarship, schooling, science, scoop,  theory, tuition, wisdom will be crammed into that head of his.

bj3He loves to swim.  He is not very good and still has to wear floaties… but he loves it. 2 years ago he was terrified of the water – but now he would live in the water if we would let him.

His laugh is contagious.  His little giggle can make anyone smile or even start laughing.  He can light up a room with just a tiny giggle… he can light the world when he hysterically starts laughing.

He has a brother that he adores.  He tells everyone that his brother is his best friend.  When his brother is not around – he will ask every five minutes when Will is coming back.  He loves him and Will loves Carter.  Todd and I are so lucky that they have the relationship they do.  They love to wrestle, to make up games, to play hide and seek – gosh! the list goes on.

bj4He also has family and friends that love him.  The support that they all have given us never goes unnoticed.  Our little family is very blessed to have the family and friends we have.

While I write this I realize how lucky this kid is.  He is not autism… he is Carter… and he is unique… he is a shining star and I am so blessed to be able to watch his journey continue.  Carter is exceptional.




We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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