Not Alone

naThrough this new journey of autism, I have already met some wonderful parents along the way.  Some are local and some are cities and states away.  When I first started this blog it was for my own therapy and I thought if I could help people along the way by sharing our story what a plus that would be.  I speak with my heart when writing every post.  I always wear my heart on my sleeve -which can be good and can be bad depending on the situation… that is just who I am and no matter how hard I have tried to change, I can not.  36 years and this ole heart is still shining on said sleeve.

What I have found by talking with these unique and wonderful parents is…

Even though we have different journeys with autism… as loving parents our hearts are the same. Our hearts break, they rejoice, they do back flips and cartwheels… whether it be our child saying “Mama” or “I Love You” for the first time at the age of 6, our child being potty trained at the age of 7, our child smiling and laughing because they understand they are happy, our child knowing who Mozart is by the age of 5 and loving music, our child being made fun of, struggles of getting our child therapies that are needed, our child not being able to tell their wants and needs… we rejoice and we cry…. because we all want what is best for our child and we want everything to JUST BE OKAY.  We all wish there was such a thing as a “FIX IT” button… but the reality sinks in that there is no such device that can answer our heartache.  We never wanted our children to have autism… however; this is the path that was chosen for us  – so, we must travel this uphill/downhill path with our child who we love more than life itself. We have to tread on and do what is best for them. This is all we want – what is best for them.  It doesn’t mean our hearts do not break, our hearts do not cry, our hearts do not skip a beat – while on this journey of autism.  We embrace our child and who they are – autism does not define them nor their parents.   As I continue to say, autism is what my child has – it is NOT who he is.  We cherish every “impossible” that becomes “possible”.

It is wonderful to have a network of parents who will do anything and everything for their child… and it is GREAT that we all have each other to cry, laugh and learn with – and to know that we are not alone.

That is the key – knowing that we are not alone.
We all have different stories… but we are not alone.
We know the emotions and the roller coaster ride that our hearts go through.

We all have to remember that we are our children’s keeper, their advocate, their voice – but, we are all human.  We all need someone to lean on when we have no one else that understands the world of autism… it’s okay to lean on someone else sometimes.

The Gift of Friendship Is That It Takes Us By The Hand and Reminds Us We Are NOT ALONE In The Journey…
~ author unkown










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