My Hero

mh1Tonight my oldest son, Will, and I sat down to go over his spelling words.  I call out his spelling words and he writes them on a marker board.  I find it easier this way so we do not waste paper and he doesn’t erase holes in paper if he gets the word wrong.  After we study the spelling words every week – we always play around on the marker board writing silly sentences.

Example: I write – “Will likes girls.”  “Will likes the color pink.”  He writes – “Mom loves Daddy. Eww!”  “Carter likes to eat worms.”  …. just silly things that make us laugh and he is learning to write sentences… anything to make learning fun.

Tonight he wrote on the board a paragraph… I so wished I had taken a picture of it but he erased it before I could get to the camera.  He made me so proud and a little teary eyed….

He wrote….

I am Carter’s big brother.  I am his projector. (He meant protector)  My brother has aumism. (He meant autism)  That makes him special and I like him like that.  I feel special because he is special.  My mom loves us both the same.  I love my mom.  She is my heroe  (He meant hero).

After he erased his paragraph – It was my turn to write….

I wrote….

 Big brothers are who little brothers look up too and Carter is very lucky to have Will.  I am proud of both my boys.  They both are my heroes.  Yes, Carter has autism.  Yes, he can sometimes be different from other kids.  BUT, one thing that makes him extremely special is not his autism -he is special because he has a BIG brother who loves him just the way he is.  I love both my boys.

mh2Will read my paragraph. He then looked at me, smiled and placed his head on my shoulder and said “Mom, I like being your hero. AND, I like being Carter’s brother.”

Will’s name is William.  William means “determined protector.”  His middle name is Michael.  Michael is from the Old Testament – one of the guardian archangels.  The name means in Hebrew “Who Is Like God”.  Putting his names and their meanings together “Determine Protector Who Is Like God”…  I think the name is perfect for him.  He protects and he is an angel in his own right.  I named William after two wonderful mean who have been great loves of my life… My grandfather, William and my father, Michael.

I do not give Will enough credit.  He is way smarter that he lets on.  He absorbs and listens to a lot more I say than I think he does.  I wasn’t real sure if he quite understood what autism is and what it meant for Carter and our family.  He understands… on his level… he understands.

“We call a child’s mind “small” simply by habit; perhaps it is larger than ours is, for it can take in almost anything without effort”  -Christopher Morley



2 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. I have tears rolling down my face… That’s absolutely beautiful! Having an older sibling who can grasp that and help us as parents is priceless. I know the fear of leaving my own child to face this world alone when I’m gone. I don’t want to leave either of them ever, but leaving one with a disability makes it even more scary and puts such a weight on your mind. However, with the way Abigail and Will are with their brothers we can rest assured they’ll never be alone and they’ll be okay long after we’re gone! ❤ GOD LOVE THEM! Will's right…you're my Hero too! xoxo!


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