Sparring, Sporing, and Giddy Up

ssgMy oldest son, Will, has struggled for a while with being able to focus during class, at home – well, majority of the time.  We suspect ADD and have him on a waiting list at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to see if our suspicions are correct (which I will bet my left arm we are correct).  Will has tried his hand at t-ball and soccer.  He did not like t-ball and plus we had a very bad experience with one of the coaches.  For us – it was not worth putting him or us through it. Will does enjoy soccer.  We have been told that he has very good foot work – he is just as slow as Christmas.  He got his speed from his daddy. 🙂

For over a year, Will has been talking about wanting to learn karate.  We finally decided to hold him out of soccer this season and let him try karate.  He started in February and hated it for the first 3 weeks.  I believe he hated it because his Sensei made him exercise – his least favorite thing to do.

However, the 4th week….

He really started to like it!!!!

Last Tuesday he was so excited about going to his karate lesson.  He exclaimed, “I can’t wait to spore!”  I couldn’t figure out what he meant by “sporing”.  I thought to myself – “What is sporing?  I thought sporing was a single-celled small reproductive body that is capable of growing into a new organism – like a germ. But, heck… what do I know!”  When I ssg3told Todd that Will was excited about sporing – he cracked up and said, “It is not sporing – it is sparring.”  Call me crazy (okay don’t) – BUT – I had never heard of sparring – so I felt dumb.  For those that do not know – sparring is a big part of karate.  Students sparr each other to practice what they are learning.  Sparring is controlled and carefully watched by the instructor.

You say”po-tay-to” and I say “po-tah-to…  You say “sparring” and I say “sporring”… 🙂

After picking up Will from his karate lesson this evening – he was very excited to tell us about everything he learned and got to do – like “sporing”.

Todd and I have both noticed karate has been slowly helping Will focus…  I am extremely excited about this.   His Sensei is very good with him and the entire group.  You never know – we may have a martial artist on our hands.

I highly recommend the Pulaski Karate Center.



ssg4This afternoon, Carter had another Leg-Up Therapeutic Riding lesson.  The local TV Station (Channel 3) was there filming for a commercial/segment.  So, keep your eye out for Carter in the Leg-Up commercial.

At the riding lesson, I got to meet the parents of a beautiful girl who has autism.  I have heard a lot about this family and felt very blessed that I finally got to meet them.  They are a wonderful family that also have two older daughters who volunteer with Leg-Up and who assisted with Carter’s lesson today.  The mother and I had a great conversation regarding the steps they have made for their daughter…  I learned a lot in a short period of time with them.  I walked away from Carter’s lesson with a full heart of awe regarding this family and their fight, love and winning attitude for their beautiful daughter.

Carter loved every minute of riding today.  He rode a different horse this lesson, Mr. Dee.   Mr. Dee is a 27 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding.  I find it interesting how Carter ssg5didn’t mind not riding Napoleon today.  Up until his lesson today – all he talked about was Napoleon…  The beautiful little girl that he shared his riding lesson with rode Napoleon today… so, maybe getting to see Napoleon was enough for him.  He has told several people this evening that he got to ride Mr. Dee today and not Napoleon and that Mr. Dee is black and Napoleon is brown.  🙂

When the riding lesson was over – Carter wanted to stay.  He was very upset that he had to leave.  He fought me tooth and nail to stay.  He refused to get in the car.  I had to physically pick him up… bend his knees, put him in his booster seat and fasten his seat belt across him.  He screamed all the way home.  I finally told him if he continued to scream that we would not go back to Leg-Up… and he immediately stopped crying.  Will just sat in the back of the car with Carter and just shook his head. Poor Will….  Poor Mommy…. Poor Eardrums!!!

All-in-all – today was a good day…  Will enjoyed an evening of Karate… Carter enjoyed an afternoon of riding his horse… and I met an amazing family who inspire me and give me such hope…

“Thank you Lord for another beautiful day. For opening up my eyes & ears, to see and hear the goodness you have left here for us. Teach me more.” ~ Leah LaBelle




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