Colorful – Brilliant – Organized


Carter with his “rug” of 51 sea creature coloring pages. Click on Image To Enlarge

51 Coloring Sheets From the “Octonauts”

6 Coloring Sheets From “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”

5 Coloring Sheets From “Happy Monster Band”

11 Coloring Sheets From “The Koala Brothers”

13 Coloring Sheets From “Timmy Time”

11 Coloring Sheets From “Doc McStuffins”

Currently he is working on “Handy Manny” – I printed out 10 to 12 character coloring sheets of “Handy Manny”.


Carter showing me each page of one of his "magazines".

Carter showing me each page of one of his “magazines”.

I decided to lay all the coloring sheets out and organize them.  I laid them all out in the floor and then had Carter pick out the ones he wanted to be stapled together.  We ended up making “books” or shall I say “magazines” (that is what Carter calls them) of all his coloring this week.  I thought this would keep our house from having coloring sheets laying every where.  Carter was tickled pink to be able to have his own “magazines” of his coloring.

I am blown away by Carter’s determination to color every coloring sheet on Disney Junior’s website.  I know it is a lot of coloring… but he is so enthralled with coloring right now.  I rather he color than watch TV or play on the computer.  I would like for him to go outside and play but the weather has been horrible – so… why not color?

Yes, the coloring is obsessive. However, I also believe it is brilliant.  He not only colors the coloring sheets but he knows the names of every creature, character, etc… that he colors.

He amazes me every day.  I wish I could be inside his little mind… I would love to “walk in his shoes” just for one day…. to see the world through his beautiful blue eyes.  He inspires me every day- through the colorful, brilliant and organized inspiration that he is.



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