Amazing Sea Creature Mind

asmAt church, yesterday,  I could hardly keep Carter quite.  He wanted to tell me about the “Octonauts” that he watches on Disney Junior.  I finally told him when we got in the car he could tell me all about them but he had to be quite in church.  When we got home from church – he dragged me to the computer and had me pull up the Disney Junior “Octonauts” website… you can print out coloring pages from the site. He wanted me to print out 50 coloring pages of sea creatures…  I did…  I rather he color than be on the computer or watching TV.  As each page came out of the printer… Carter started naming each sea creature and one or more facts about the creature.  I was floored…  I had no clue he cared – let alone knew facts about any sea creature.

When we arrived home this evening  – I asked him if I could video tape him talking about the sea creatures.  He was very hesitant and it had to be on his terms.  He had to choose which ones he wanted to talk about because he didn’t want to talk about all of them.  So, he chose which ones and well…  here is the video…  I love his sponge-of-a-mind. (PS – I misspelled “soaked” in the video – oopsy!)


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