All Smiles For Napoleon

asfn1Today I am an even prouder mother.  Today was Carter’s first day at Leg Up Therapeutic Riding Center.  He was all smiles the entire time he was there.  As I watched my little man having a blast riding his horse (Napoleon), following directions, giving directions, etc…  I teared up.   That glimmer of  “anything is possible” for my child…  was glimmering from him, from me, from his instructors and even the horse.

This program is amazing and my little man was on cloud nine until he went to bed.   I can’t tell you how by just watching him ride a horse – made me proud, made me so happy for him.  I too haven’t come down from cloud nine.

On our way home Carter sang a song about his horse, Napoleon…  this is what I could understand of the song…

“I love my Napoleon. He is my horse. I said “Whoa” and he stopped. Ms. Becky told me to put my hand on my hip.  She told me to wave.  I didn’t fall off.  I love my Napoleon.  He didn’t hurt me me me me.”

There was more but that is all I really could understand.  Will was covering his ears as Carter sang this because – well, Carter was being goofy and singing way off tune on purpose.  🙂

asfn2Again, I can not say enough about Leg Up Therapeutic Riding Center and I am so looking forward to the next 7 weeks to see what amazing things they do with my little man.

The smile on Carter’s face = PRICELESS!

The pure enjoyment I had watching Carter and Napoleon = PRICELESS!





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