Carter’s Words of Wisdom – March 2013

I will add through out the month to “Carter’s Words of Wisdom”

– BECAUSE I am sure there will be many!


wowWhen Carter got in the car today (picking him up from school)… he couldn’t wait to tell me that he made 2 new friends. One is Derrick and the other is invisible. (For some reason my kids are on an imaginary friend kick). Anyway – I asked him “Invisible Friend? Well what is your invisible friends name?” He replied ” Well, he is a boy and his name is Nuts.” I couldn’t help but to laugh – the name tickled me. I looked up in my rear view mirror and could see Carter… he had his arms crossed and a mad face. He said “My Nuts does not think it is funny.” I died… I have laughed and laughed – until I have about cried.


wow1Last Monday, Todd took the kids to school.  On their way to school Will saw a backhoe in someone’s yard and asked what it was.  Carter replied “That is a backhoe.  It digs and moves dirt.”  Todd praised Carter for knowing what a backhoe was.  Carter replied very serious, “Ugh, I am so over this.  I am so smart.”  Todd about died and Will got a little tiffy and informed Carter he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.


wow2I have been cooped up since Monday with the flu (YES THE FLU AGAIN) – so, I have missed a lot of work and a lot of going on in the home front. So, today I asked Carter to catch me up on something new… well, he has informed me he now knows all about Warthogs, of all things to know ALL about… Warthogs? Really? Remember I live with a little “Rain Man” – so I will know everything about Warthogs every day, over and over – more than I care to know… just like every musical instrument there is, everything Sponge Bob, everything about every Skylander made and now WARTHOGS!!! Why couldn’t he know all about Adam Levine or Simon Baker or Bradley Cooper? I really do not think I would mind hearing facts about them all day long, every day – over and over… 🙂


wow3Carter asked me if I knew that not all cartoons are made by Dreamworks. The he proceeded with – “Shrek made by Dreamworks. Puss In Boots made by Dreamworks. How To Train Your Dragon made by Dreamworks. The Croods, Kung Fu Panda, Megamind, Monsters & Aliens…. that’s all I know. Sponge Bob the Movie is not made by Dreamworks. Neither is Fairly Odd Parents. Skylanders the movie will not be made by Dreamworks… it will be made by me, Carter Smith Hibdon Works.” It absolutely amazes me that he knows all these movies are made by Dreamworks… he is 5 yrs old. We may make our own little Skylander Movie… he is artistic enough and draws Skylanders all the time.. maybe that will be our project made by Carter Smith Hibdon Works…hehehe! 🙂





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