Words That Stick

We had someone give us some wonderful advice that I would like to share –

jesus3-300x248Read The Book of John Chapter 9 verses 1-3.  In old testament times and even today people think children like ours are the way they are because we sinned earlier in our lives and this is God’s way of punishing us. The disciples asked Jesus about this when they came upon a blind man. Jesus simply said “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, This came about so that God’s works might be displayed in him” The man nor his parents were paying for sin through physical disability. I claim this passage as a life verse for our family. God has used our daughter to teach us about true Agape love, patience, kindness and so much more. When your niece Sophie was in kindergarten she was in class with our daughter, maybe that was God’s way of helping prepare your family for the blessing that Carter will be for you. Remember to be thankful for little things and don’t worry if Carter doesn’t act or progress “normal”. I have come to think that “normal” is kind of bland and un-exciting.

I have read this email several times and by far this has been the most heartfelt and it’s an email I keep coming back to read.



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