Inspirations – Darlene

Three weeks before Carter was diagnosed with autism I had the privilege of speaking with a lady from Maury County that also has a son with autism.  Since then we have kept in touch via facebook.  The more I read about her son, Logan, the more I am in awe of his mother – Darlene.

When I spoke with Darlene she told me that Logan can’t say more than 3 words at a time but he can sing entire songs and sounds like Josh Turner.  She shared with me some of their trials and tribulations – Logan has come a long way.  Credit is not only to be given to Logan but  to his mother, as well.  Darlene and her family have never given up on Logan – their story is one for the books!  They give me hope – Darlene inspires me to be the mother, cheerleader, supporter of Carter’s dreams.  Sometimes, as mother’s, we do not give ourselves enough credit because … well, we are mother’s and it is our job to do whatever we can for our children.  Thank you, Darlene, for sharing Logan’s story and for everything you do for your precious, talented son and educating others along the way – YOU are amazing and you do deserve credit. From one mother that is new to autism – seeing what fabulous things the future can hold for my son… gives me hope… gives me courage… gives me strength.  Thank you!


id1BIG NEWS!!!!  Logan will be singing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN on April 9th, 2013!!!  Find Out More…

Logan is an amazing young man – Become a Fan of Logan Blade – go over to facebook and like his page .

You can also buy Logan’s cd over at CD Baby – Buy Now!






Logan’s Bio

id2Logan was a normal child. He passed all his mile stones, crawling and walking,  but one thing we noticed when he was about 18 months was that he acted as if he could not hear us.

Our first thought was maybe he was deaf or just had hearing problems. Eye contact would soon go away. All the babbling and him trying to say Da da or Ma Ma just stopped.

So the testing began.

From 18 months on, he went from developmentally delayed to Autism by the age of 2. Through many years of tears and therapy we noticed changes for the good. We found out he could read in kindergarten and spell words like Encyclopedia and Astronaut. That was a shock.

Then about the age of three I heard the piano being played one day and to my amazement it was Logan. Did not have a clue he even knew what music was much less that he was able to play. Logan can only answer “yes” or “no” questions in conversation but he is very able when it comes to music.

He always hummed. His music teacher, Kim Sutton, took Logan under her wing when she realized he could sing. Once again, we were all shocked. You put a microphone in his hand and you know there is a God because he has perfect pitch (at least I have been told by many he does). He can also hear a song and then play it by heart.

We don’t know what the future holds for Logan but we will leave it in God’s hands.

Read More at Middle TN Music


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