Wisdom Of The Wise

wotw1There has been so many WONDERFUL people reaching out to Todd and I regarding the recent diagnosis of Carter having autism.

So many have words of wisdom and meaningful comments that I would like to share with each of you.  I know I will probably add to this list as the months and years go by…


  • Getting the diagnosis is a good thing.  It is the key that is going to help you get him the help he needs.
  • Parenting a child with autism is one of the hardest things you will ever do… but in exchange it will teach you the meaning of unconditional love.
  • Never underestimate someone with Autism because there could be brilliance struggling to get out.
  • Read up and study your rights if certain people do not think you don’t know  your rights they play you to the left.
  • Autism is what he has… it is not who he is.
  • You have to remember that he is the same kid he was 2 weeks ago… he now has a diagnosis.  That doesn’t change who he is or who you are.
  • Knowledge is power!
  • You may have many breakdowns and that is okay.
  •  It’s always good to have someone to talk with that understands what you are going through.
  • I’m sure you are relieved and kinda sad too. But now you know so just do the best you can to make him a part of this world. Find out what his passion is. And go with that.
  • Yes they can make it in this big world with a little bit of guidance and a lot of love.
  • God gives special children special parents. Yes, we are the lucky ones.
  • Girl, if he has autism – he has autism. The most important thing is he is your son and you are his mother. That is all that matters.
  • Carter is lucky to have parents like you and Todd who kept searching for answers for him and will continue to search for the best education and therapy to meet his needs. He is a very lucky young man.
  • You are Carter’s voice – make your presence known!!
  •  God always gives the right children to the right parents. That means different things for every family, but he makes no mistakes. You were meant to be Carter’s mom.
  • No Labels, Just Love!
  •  I’ve worked with children who were diagnosed with different degrees of autism. It’s all about figuring out how to get through to them. They each have their own little world and specific ways of understanding and doing things. It’s not much different than how many of us are, they’re just selective about who they let in and how fast. It’s not a disability, it’s an obstacle and we all have those. Carter is going to be wonderful because he has 2 parents who are supportive and want to understand. You have God, family, friends, a support system, and love. you got this!
  • You are the PROUD mother of 2 beautiful children who God blessed you with. HE knew you were the one who would move heaven and earth to do the absolute best thing for Carter and you will.
  • Carter is an individual just like any other child. He may have some issues but we all do. It is just to work on them so he can manage in the world. He is such a loving person and has so much to share w/ the world.

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