Autism and Daddy

todd_daddy4-e1362143135160My husband, Todd, has been the love of my life since the first moment we met.  When we became parents it was no surprise to me how great of a father he instantly became.  He has always been hands on and shows our children every day how much he loves them.  He is a big kid at heart and that is what I adore about him.  He is not one to show his emotions or talk about his feelings… he is very laid-back and takes every thing in.

When I first started talking to Todd about my concerns that I had about Carter’s development, communication and behavior issues… his initial reaction was… he is young he will grow out of it.  After our talk –  months and then a year went by and nothing had changed with Carter… things actually were getting worse.  Todd and I had several talks and we both agreed something was not quite right.

The day we received the diagnosis that Carter did indeed have autism – Todd and I really didn’t talk on the way home.  When we got home from the doctor, Todd just sat in the recliner… he didn’t turn on the TV… he just sat there.  I was so numb at that point that I kind of did the same.  Finally, I asked him how he was feeling about the diagnosis and he said “I am letting it sink in.”

Moving Forward-
Todd has been absolutely wonderful.  He works with Carter and is sooooo patient.  He is everything a father with a child with autism needs to be.  Carter and Will are extremely lucky to have him as their father.  I have no doubt as the months and years go by… Todd and I will do everything in our power to make Carter’s life as “normal” as possible. We will also include Will in everything we do and make him also feel not left out.

When parenting we know that it is our job to prepare our child for the world.  I am beginning to realize that now having a child with autism – we have to prepare the world for our child.  Look out world… extraordinary things are going to happen!


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