The Sibling

wcWith everything going on – the initial overwhelming feeling for Carter’s diagnosis with autism and being sick with the flu… I do not want to leave out my oldest son.  Will is 8 years old and is my loving, friendly and funny child.  He is the BEST big brother for Carter.  He is very sympathetic with Carter, plays with him all the time and just flat out loves him.  However, Will is totally oblivious a lot of times to the real world and his surroundings… Will can be in his on little world A LOT of the time. We actually have him on a waiting list with Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to have him tested for ADD


Todd (my husband) and I decided the other night it was time to talk to Will about his brother and autism.  HOWEVER, we had/have no clue how to go about it.  I have looked at several books and I have 2 right now that I am choosing from – My Brother is Autistic and Living With My Brother Tiger – I probably will end up getting both.  I did talk to Will a little bit about it and found these awesome videos  and that he and I watched together.  He had some questions.  I asked him if he noticed things about Carter that was

wc1different from other children.  His main comments were about Carter chewing on things that he is not suppose to, how Carter gets upset real easily and how Carter doesn’t understand feelings.  I was really surprised how Will picked up on Carter not understanding feelings.  I guess Will is a little bit more aware that Carter is “different” than I realized.

I do not want our family’s whole focus in the years to come to all be about Carter. Will is just as important and I do not want him to feel as though Todd and I have been/are spending more time and energy on Carter.  This is something that I feel very strongly about.  It is our job, as parents, to make sure this does not happen.


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