Why So Serious?

carter8-263x300Carter takes everything so seriously.  He does not get when someone is joking. He is so literal.

Just a few examples:

The other day I was so irritated with him because of how hateful he was speaking to me. I put my hand on my hip and I exclaimed, “Mister, I don’t know who you think you are?”  He replied so seriously “I am Carter Smith Hibdon, Mom.”

One day we were talking about bluegrass music.  He argued with me that there is no such thing as bluegrass.  I tried to explain to him that there is grass that has a tinge of blue in it.  “No, mom, there is not. Grass is green or brown.”  Which around here the grass is really green or the ground is really muddy.  He let me know until I could show him bluegrass, it doesn’t exist.

When we were at the doctor, he told the doctor he could speak Spanish.  She replied “You can?”  He said “Yes, I can say taco in Spanish.”   She smiled and asked him to tell her what taco is in Spanish.  He straight faced and so serious said “Taco.”

There is a list of other examples that I do not have time to type and will post as I am able.


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